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In the beginning of year 1969 we bought our first borzoi Huricán from kennel Jivita (MRS. Vitanovská). We choose him, because we were fascinated by his blue color. After his dead in young age we bought another borzoi Grusso from kennel Gajaneta. Very shortly after this we decided to move from Prague in to a small village Světice. There we started to build our own house and breed borzois.

Another borzoi – Dan from kennel Elimil come to us during moving as a present from our friends. Both borzois were not typical shown types, but were successful at racing which were popular at this time here. We became to breeders and in pedigrees of our dogs are as one of the first generations - borzois Z Neuštejna ( Mrs.MUDr. Jitka Pacltová). She also was our adviser in our beginnings. In 80-ies she also helped us with our first matting abroad.

Sofena Borsoi Sofena Borsoi

Huricán Jivita (1969)

She suggested, using as a stud male – Dmitrij von Taimyr (Mrs. Swidevi).

During ages were appeared in our house different types of greyhounds like Saluka, Afghan, Azawak, poodles, but only borzois are staying all the time.

We never made a litter to breed up some borzois. We had puppies only when we needed dogs into our breed and for shows.

We are practice lineally breeding in our breed. Each litter is carefully thinking and preparing. During years we not had much litters. Till year 2011 is it 20 litters. In CZ we are having alphabet order for names of the puppies. Fist litter having names from letter A, second from letter B, etc.

left: Dan Elimil ( Delon z Lárišova x Indra Jivita)

Sofena Borsoi

right: Grusso Gajaneta ( Rasan aus der Taiga x Copelie z Lárišova)

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