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In memoriam

Y 2015 were huge upset for us two of our stars start their way on rainbow and stayed of them huge wholes till today we have problems spoke about those lovely clever siblings with the pain in our heart under their lost

Patriot Sofena 6.2.2005 – 15.7.2015 (Dober-Kopp Pannon Rózsa x ICH. Ingo Sofena)
88 cm, 55 kg
Favorite sport: Playing with whistle toy


Patriot is big, big dog - and he took from his father Ingo a bodybuilding, elegance and long step, unbelievably kind and nice behavior, but he very well careabout his personal space (his place on the show - his watter etc) . He is still big puppy, all the days spends by playing with everything what he found, but between most favorite belong whistle toy . He is very good eater, and also sleeper . At the ring he became an old professional, I cannot watvh him - I feel how he moves ..., but last show season and in the end of 2008 he was several times attacked by dogs in the end-ring at competitions - Patriot never starts and never gives answer, but from last attack in Mlada Boleslav in the end- ring (autumn 2009) he starts to afraid from this place. We will give him some time and try it again, because it will be a pity stop with shows because other handlers showing aggressive dogs and not have power to learn them ... these should be punished from side of judges, but ... .. He is still playing with toys and Polaris same like puppy, they are maximally happy if they run and play .. Last show season he became a TOP DOG 2008 (January 2009) CZ at group X - hard work, we must visited each show and also each judge (who also these whom not like Patriot) but in the end he takes first place between Greyhounds and more than 100 points more than the second dog ... between all FCI groups he place on the 4th place! Thank you boy!

PATRIOT win during his carrier impressive results:  16 x CACIB ( CZ, SK, HU, A), 22 x BOB, 3x BIS

Czech Junior  Champion, Czech Champion, Grand Champion, Club Campion KCHaPB, National winner, Junior club Winner, Club Winner , ICH - Champion International de Beauté, Top Dog 2007 – 3rd- between greyhounds,   TOP DOG 2008, Winner sighthound specialty


Polaris Sofena 6.2.2005 -  10.9.2015 (Dober-Kopp Pannon Rózsa x ICH. Ingo Sofena)
79cm 39 kg
Favorite sport: Playing with whistle toy-- known as Patriot

Polaris is so elegant, gentle Borzoi lady. Over her young age she was behaved as a well-bred girl, although can be also very wild when she is playing with other dogs. She is growing slower than Patriot. She is very good friend with Olivia - also are having the very similar colors and points. In movement shows very miracle elegance, but she need a big rings. Her specialty is to dig out young trees and to escape to anybody. At the ring she becomes a to a real queen and when she is always at the ring - you must see at her ring to understand. Her movement is from dreams and when she is in stand - there is no discussion about winner ... she bring from England Cruft's a title "RES" from year 2008: for oversea female under englad judge is sooooooo goooood result. Also owner of BIS Sightoud Specialty in 2007 and also 2008 both wins under collegium of foreing judges ... sweet girl

POLARIS win during his carrier impressive results: 11 x CACIB ( CZ, SK, HU, PL, A ) 13 x BOB, 5x BIS

ICH - Champion International de Beauté, Cruft's 2008 (GB): "RES" open class, Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Grand Champion, Junior Club Winner, Club Champion, National Winner, Club winner, 2x Sighthounds Specialty winner, BIS Sighthounds Specialty (Vyškov u Brna) 2007, BIS Sighthounds Specialty 2008 Mlada Boleslav (both BIS under collegium of abroad judges), Czech Veteran Champion, Victory Veteran Winner 2013, Veteran BIG FCI X

BIS Sighthounds Specialty Y2007  and Y2008!










CH. OLIVIA SOFENA11.11.2003 - 2.1.2013

*11/11/2003 (ICH. Luisa Sofena x Andrej Tssorny Andrejaschka)
78 cm 35-37 kg
Favorite sport: How quickly eat the most what the most food same like her mother Luisa


Olivia is having same behavior like her mum Luisa, self-confident lady, time after time stubborn, walking out of leach, not looking for any faith, but able to save her food against anybody. She is still puppy and now she have for play two borzoi teenagers. She loves sleeping and eating, same like running and sheeping. At the shows she not feel good,she is borred and not care about this kind of sport, it is pitty, but what to do, she is happy on the free space in the nature ..{} Very sympathetic and useful at these times for us that she is not taking any food from anybody strange. She also loves Raspberries - in cooperation with Imzadza Patriot with Polaris and she eats all season crop. Her favorite sport except eating and sleeping and is also creating a deaf girl - we can call her as much as possible, but she not coming, she has better things to do ... ... ... ..


2X CACIB, National Winner , Club Winner,  Club Champion, Czech Champion , BOB, BIG III



Today has leave us our black sweet girl

Sofena Borsoi Sofena Borsoi
Sofena Borsoi

* 27/7/1997(ICH. Calvary Sofena x ICH. Bavora Sofena z L.h.)
79 cm 32-35 kg
Favorite sport: Running, Running, Running!

Imzadza do not fell well at shows and do not like showing. Her color is black with white tips of front legs and small white mark at chest. Being a very sweet and gently female. She loves movement for each way. Sometime we taking her for racing line to make a heavy and long run, she not need any papers and concession. She is running for pleasure. Also being a big lover of fruit. In the autumn is at our missing half of garden crops. Because Imzadza all what is in her reach has gathered. She loves apples, pears, etc. Raspberries. Under a plum-tree is she's leaving only plum stones

6x CAJC, CAC, r.CACIB, Juniror Club Winner, National Winner , Junior Champion Czech Republic

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