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In this section you will find some small reports about some our dogs from past or present. This section is still filling and If you will not find here your favorite dog, it does not mean that he will not be here later. In future we would like to add at this section all Sofenas.

Sofena team

ICH. AMOR SOFENA (* 3.4.1984 + 12.4.1990)


06.07.1985 BRNO CZ V1, CAC, CACIB
24.05.1985 Kolín CZ V1, W.C, Local Winner
31.05.1986 NITRA SK V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
03. 08.1986 Bratislava SK V1, CAC
12.09.1986 Ml.Boleslav CZ V1, CAC, VW.C, Club Winner 1986 5.10.1986 Čes. Budějovice CZ V1, CAC, W.C, National Winner
05.07.1986 BRNO CZ V2, res.CAC, res.CACIB
01.04.1987 CZ RACING WINNER OF YEAR 1986
10.05.1987 BUDAPEST H V2, res.CAC, res.CACIB
17.05.1987 BYTOM PL V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
30.05.1987 NITRA SK V1, CAC, CACIB
06.06.1987 Žatec CZ V1, CAC,W.C, Winner Sighthounds Specialty
04.07.1987 BRNO CZ V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
18.07.1987 Kolín CZ V1, CAC, Sighthounds Winner of Middle Europe
27.09.1987 Vác H V2, UICL
05.10.1987 BUDAPEST H V1, CAC, res.CACIB
20.10.1987 Plzeň CZ V1, CAC, Club Winner 1987
14.05.1988 FRANKFURT o.M. D V1, CAC, VDH, CACIB
16.07.1988 Kolín CZ V1, CAC,W.C, Winner Sighthounds Specialty
3.9.1988 Mladá Boleslav CZ V1, CAC, Club Winner 1988, BOB, BIG, BIS
17.06.1989 Copenhaven – World Dog Show DK V3, Champion classe
28.10.1989 Brno CZ V1, CAC, CACIB,BOB, BIG, BIS

CH,ICH. AMOR SOFENA – 84,5 cm, 50kg, nice proportions, well angulated, nice behavior. With his proportions he should not had much chances at racings, but opposite was right. He always finished his run. Another dogs have one finishing run for three not finishing. But Amor always by walk rate made a circle and never fight with another dogs at his run. His times for one circle was about 40 s and the best borzoi runners made same distance for 32 s. Because of his reliability he became to a Racing Winner of year 1986.


CH, ICH, MCH. CALVARY SOFENA (* 7.2.1988 + 10.6.2001)

15.04.1989 Salzburk A V1, Jungebeste
09.09.1989 Mladá Boleslav CZ V1, VT, CAC, National Winner
28.10.1989 Plzen CZ V1, CAC
10.02.1990 Brno CZ V1, VT, CAC, Club Winner, BOB
14.07.1990 Kolin, CZ V1,CAC,Winner Sighthound Specialty, BOB, BIG, BIS
08.09.1990 Linz A V1,CAC, res. CACIB
12.01.1991 Brno CZ V1, VT, CAC, Winner MSV, BOB
05.06.1991 CHAMPION CSFR
06.07.1991 Brno CZ V1,W.C, CAC, CACIB
17.08.1991 Kolín CZ V1,W.C,CAC, Club Winner 1991, BOB
24.08.1991 Kladno CZ V1,W.C,CAC, National Winner
07.09.1991 Mladá Boleslav CZ V1, VT, CAC
31.05.1992 Prague CZ V1,W.C, CAC
28.06.1992 Wien A V1,CAC, res. CACIB
26.10.1992 Brno CZ V1,W.C, CAC
28.08.1992 Linz A V1,W.C, CAC, res. CACIB
05.10.1992 Mladá Boleslav CZ V1, W.C, CAC
01.05.1993 Ceské Budějovice CZ V1, W.C, CAC, CACIB
03.07.1993 Brno CZ V1, W.C, CAC,
25.09.1993 Bratislava SK V1,W.C, CAC, CACIB
13.11.1993 Stockerau A V1, CAC
16.07.1994 Kolín CZ V1, CAC, Club Winner 1994, BOB
09.10.1994 Keckemeth H V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
12.10.1994 Stockerau A V1, CAC, Winner Stockerau
24.08.1991 CLUB CHAMPION

85cm, 45 kg, extra long head, nice angulations, wonderful behavior - still ready for play, little bit crazy. To go through closed - glass door or run trough glass greenhouse was notproblem for him. When he was playing – nothing around him was not safe. In his three years he badly injured his sinews on back leg - practicaly he cut his leg to bone, thanks our fantastic veterinary MVDr. P. Truhlař, he recover and till end of his live not has problems with it and he could continue with shows!! He was like this in very old age. Around 8 years he became little bit calm. He leaves us at wonderful age - 13 years,but still is with us at our hearts. He also could be very stubborn.



Our black sweet princes Barborka (Blizard Sofena x Clea Vlčí Stopa)


09.10.1994 Keczemet H V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
01.10 1994 Brno CZ V1, CAC, National Winner, BOB
16.07.1994 Kolín CZ V1, CAC, Club Winner
06.05.1995 Litoměřice CZ V1, CAC
19.03.1995 Munchen D V
01.07 1995 Brno CZ V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
21.07.1995 CHAMPION CZ
02.09.1995 Mladá Boleslav CZ V1, CAC, CACIB
16.9.1995 Liberec CZ V1, CAC,
20.04.1996 Opole PL V1, CAC, CACIB
27.04.1996 České Budějovice CZ V2, r.CAC
11.05.1996 Praha CZ V1, CAC, CACIB
08.06.1996 Graz A V1, CACSofena Borsoi
13.07.1996 Kolín CZ V1, CAC, Winner Sighthounds Specialty
11.05.1997 Lysá nad Labem CZ V2, r.CAC
13.07.1996 CLUB CHAMPION


BAVORA SOFENA z Lojzova hřebčína – 78cm, all the time ready for eat. Her father was Blizard Sofena and mother Clea Vlčí Stopa (Amor Sofena X Alia ze Sklepního Vrchu). Breeder (kennel " z Lojzova hřebčína") was my good friend and it is possible to say that he made this litter B because of me. Black male named Black Sofena z Lojzova Hřebčína (York) from tSofena Borsoihis litter we kept as a puppy. Second black borzoi from this litter was sold how he sad to good conditions. But this people sold her after a couple months to third person. Fifteen month after becoming litter B in 31.12.92 called me people from animals safeguard that some black borzoi is in a very bad conditions at out placed cottage.

We shortly after call set off to look for this black borzoi and relay she was in property agency for security buildings and in a very bad conditions (dogs were fed once per week and she must to fight with other three dogs for a piece of food. So she celebrates a New Year with us. Some habits from her past were very slowly disappearing. Whenever she came into the house at first, quickly check up all rooms there. Easier was to get her into good healthy conditions, takes her something about six months.

First show with her was not easy. She had problems with movement on the leach and with big stress from being in many dogs and people. After few months she become into typical borzoi – very calm, self-confident, little bit stubborn and elegant borzoi Lady and for ICH - she needed only four shows at row.


CH. BLACK SOFENA z L. h. (* 21.6.1991 + )

Sofena Borsoi

CHAMPION CZ - 30.04.1997
CLUB CHAMPION - 10.05.1998


CH. BLACK SOFENA - 82 cm, 42 kg. We called him York. He was not showed so often, because at the same time we had at home ICH. Calvary Sofena who became to a real star, but Your also belong to sofena´s stars same like all sofena. Due to he not visit much shows and also for lot of judges was black color unacceptable. Till today some judges do not like this color. He has very nice body with beautiful angulations, very nice head and with elegant movement. York was always calm borzoi. Shortly before Christmas time 2002 he fallen heavy ill. For Christmas he miraculously proved and spends very nice times with us under the Christmas tree. Cruel reality has come second week after New Year.

Sofena Borsoi Sofena Borsoi

With heavy heart we let him go to a better place to be together with his sister Barborka and another dogs. Memories for him are still full of pain from his loss.


York was always in good mood and he was able to transmit his good mood at all who was around him. Everywhere he comes there was sun.


ESTER SOFENA (* 19.12.1989 + 12.5.2003 )

Ester was white with red-mahogany marks. At youngSofena Borsoi age she has casualty with her left front leg, when she was running with other dogs on the garden. More than 10 months several vet. doctors were not able to say what is with her, although she was all this ten month hobbled and has pain at this leg. At these times were our friend recommended us one vet doctor. He found that small piece of bone is moved at her join in the middle of nerves. It was very hard and long operations, but Ester and we not have another choice, because it was very painful for her at each move. Operation was very long, but successful and Ester was here more than 13 years. She not visited any shows because of she has very busy Sofena Borsoifirst two years of her live and also the join has to be some time used only minimally. But we used her very successfully at our breed – proud Mother of: G – litter (Gem Black Sofena-all black male), J – litter (CH. Jazdagard Sofena, L – litter (ICH. Luisa Sofena:11x CACIB-CZ, SK, I, PL, D etc).

Fantastic mother and usually she has puppies at couples-two black, two gold, two black&white etc. Fantastic behaviour, very kind, sweet girl, ready to play and eat :-). After operation she has a real happines from movement, running, playing {}.

ICH., CH. CHRIS SOFENA (* 6.4.1996 + )

ICH. Calvary Sofena x Celestýna Sofena
84cm, 49 kg
Favorite sport: hunting strangers

Sofena Borsoi

05.07.1997 Brno CZ V1, CAJC
06.06.1997 Praha CZ V2, res.CAC
20.06.1998 Klatovy CZ V2, res.CAC
04.07.1998 Brno CZ V1, CAC, r.CACIB*
24 .01.1999 Trenčín SK V2, r. CAC, r. CACIB
06.02.1999 Brno CZ V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
24.04.1999 Opole PL V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG, 2nd BIS
01.05.1999 České Budějovice CZ V1, CAC, CACIB
16.05. 1999 Euro Dog Tull A V4 - Cham. class
05.06.1999 Praha CZ V1, CAC,CACIB,BOB,BIG,BIS-Winner Praha
04.09.1999 Mladá Boleslav CZ V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG – 3rd
25.09.1999 Brno CZ V1, CAC, National Winner
14.11.99 Nitra SK, V2, r. CAC
1999 – 4th place at - CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS CZ all group X
05.02.2000 Brno CZ V1, CAC, r. CACIB
22.02.2000 CHAMPION CZ
9.02.2000 Szombathely H V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
05.05.2001 Lysá nad Labem CZ V1, CAC
05.05.2001 CLUB CHAMPION
16.06.2001 Praha CZ V1, CAC, CACIB

CH. ICH. CHRIS SOFENA 84cm, 49 kg, nice angulations, well body, excellent behavior. White – mahogany, father of several Sofenas litters. Very stubborn, at the shows usually must to hold head at different side than was judge. Especially he hates cameras. To make a photo of his head was a big art. He was able to make everything possible to not be showing. Lovely male, wonderful appearance, leave us very quickly and silently.. missing you boy !!



ICH, CH. INGO SOFENA * 27.7.1997 +


ICH. Calvary Sofena x ICH. Bavora Sofena z L.h.Sofena Borsoi
86 cm, 40-45 kg
Favorite sport: Hunting Strangers, Chris



2x CAJC, 10x CAC, 6x CACIB, 2x r.CACIB, 4x BOB, 3x BIG, BIS, Local Winner, National WinnerClub Winner 2002, Champion CZ, International Champion de Beauté - ICH

1st place in couples – 30.6.2001 with Luisa

Ingo was so elegant, well angulated noble borzoi with excellent movement and long step. His extra long head reassuring us in his close similarity with his father – ICH. Sofena BorsoiCalvary Sofena ( 85cm, 40-45kg who leave us before short time at beautiful age of 13,5 years but is still being with us at our hearts same like others). Ingo has returned back to us at beginning 2001, because his owners have family problems. Ingo having very bad experiences with strangers and he not believe them forever. He was little bit crazy - same like his father and doing lot of unbelievable things. He doesn’t know what boredom is. At long walks he was still active although his walker was tired to death. Also he loves to make a bath at his food before eat it. To go with him at ring was real happiness, you should to feel a power and enthusiasm what he has at ring and all his titles he has won at show seasons 2001/2003!!!!! Lovely wins he gained in San Marino with Luisa, we go there to see Italian country and show, but that we will leave show with 2x CAC, 2xCACIB, BOB, BIG we arealy not expect under italian judges {}. Another nohour moment was at Dutch show at Utrecht, when judge wrote him critics size of A4 and wrote that will be a real honour for her to could paint Ingo .. {}.

ICH, CH. LUISA SOFENA * 28.10.1999 +

CH. Chris Sofena x Ester Sofena
79 cm, 38-40 kg
Favorite sport: How the most quickly eat what the most food.

Sofena Borsoi

CAJC, 14x CAC, 11x CACIB(CZ, SK, I, PL, D), 9x BOB, 3x BIG,4x BIG 2-5th, Winner Sighthound Specialty, National Winner, Club Winner 2002, Champion CZ,
International Champion de Beaté: ICH


Luisa was borzoi like from dream. She loves shows, has beautiful temperament and nice smile. Her color was also very interesting, she changed color of her dress each season and each year she added some new shade. We had chosen her right because her color that was at born into her 2 years clear wolfs. In 2001 she has won with Ingo at couples at international show at Brno from 15 entered. It was for first and also last show season in couples with Ingo. At next season she changed her color and does not fit to pair with Ingo any more, but during this show season they bring many couples wins and places between best 5. Luisa very soon has become to a leader at Sofena pack. She has a nature authority. Only makes a sight for dogs and they will make her a place or give her their food. She not needs to use neither power nor teeth. She was very proud for her self when people start to applaud her and returned them back her smiles in end competitions ring. People give her nice present and to us too – they poisoned her, she probably save other dogs, because she eat most of poison from all, second was Ingo whom we hold several days more on the vet controls, but his organs was dead – for ever, there was not way back. Thank you …

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