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Present Borsois


In this section you can see our Darlings which is actually living with us. We are usually hold similar amount of borzois, if you wont to breed you will have to have space for puppy, showing actual dogs and also for retired borzois to guarantee all of them a good quality of live. Our borzois usually live 11-15 years and we always have to calculate with this when planning a new litter. Quantity does not automatically mean quality .....



Our two young Borzoi, Taraka and Tyfon are inseparable couple and have a joy of life. Since childhood growing up together, both are very temperamental. In the garden you can play together for a long time, love walking, especially accompaniment to purchase. Meanwhile do not like exhibitions, but it is hoped that they will be successful as their parents. Meanwhile do not like the exhibition hall, but it takes time. Well behaved and their mom CIB Polaris, before becoming the star of the show.

Taraka a stunning sprint speed in the garden and Tyfon is always slower. Both have excellent character, but when it comes right in the house, actually in the shed, they are wonderful - chew roztahají the garden and everything that gets in their teeth.


TYFON Sofena

at 14 months, won the title Young Club Winner
at 17 months, won the title res. CACIB, is automatically turned into a CACIB




Tyfon his deep red white colour differs him from rest of the pack. He loves to plays with his sister, has huge respect from his father Randall. When Randal running, Typhon with respect always waits in the corner and patiently to could run in his imprints never in front of him J better to run in his imprints then be his toy. J


at 10 months - Cruft's Qualification 2013




Taraka should be in her ager fully „adult „girl” suddenly it is not visible J she is the head of all maliciousness and leader whole pack without any fear and why? Because she always run out to anybody. She is very well eater, eating a lot then on her figures is any affect. Many awards she collect from the shows which no interest her much.



* 17/05/2008(Grand Champion Patriot Sofena x Elizabeth Majove Bohemia)

78cm, 32 kg
Favorite sport: Playing with Randal, running

Rozárka is teenage girl - she is only 19 month old girl, full of temperament ... all the time she wants to play, also at the ring - but she is still puppy. Over her young age she passed her fist show season very well and also collected nice titles - the Junior champion will she became this year - she need one more CAC for this title, she has also CAC from last year, but this title will be used United for champion - which has to be completed in two show season - just little Mathematic{} . Rozarka has very clear and lovely movement and she is finished in her young age and fully developed! Nice and good followers after Polaris.

Exc.1, CAJC, Best Junior - 06.06.2009 Club Show Lysa nad Labem (F. Boucek)
Exc.1, CAC, r. CACIB 29.08.2009 IHA Mladá Boleslav CZ (M PhDr. Guniš SK)
Exc.1, CAJC, Best Junior - 24.10.2009 IHA Czech Budejovice CZ (V. Vojtek, SK)
Exc.1, CAC - 06.12.2009 IHA Nitra SK (I. Vojteková SK)
Exc.3 24.01.2010 IHA Trenčín SK (M. Pavlásková SK)
Exc.1, CAC, r. CACIB - 06.02.2010 Duo CACIB Brno CZ (F. Bouček)

Rozárka Sofena the TOP borsoi 2010 Czech

Sighthounds Specialty Winner 2011


* 17/05/2008(Grand Champion Patriot Sofena x Elizabeth Majove Bohemia)

89 cm, 56 kg
Favorite sport: Playing with everybody, running


Randall puppy is still big - at all. He behaves like puppy and has unbelievably kind behavior - unfortunately he thing that each dog is friend .... Ha but can also give answer for attack with his proportions and it is not any happy answer. He is very nice and listens for word, when he run - like hammer{} Older dogs rather escape when Randall with Rozárka running, unfortunately can not escape trees and some young threes has not luck ...He slowly develop very same Patriot like his father, but he is a really lovely and when he became the adult male .... hmmm ...

Exc.4 - Club show at Hluboká nad Vlatavou 08.05.2009 CZ (V. Vojtek, SK) - Patriot has BOB from this show {}
Exc.1, CAJC, Best Junior, JBIG II - 23.05.2009 IHA Litoměřice CZ (Ing. L. Jančík CZ)
Exc.1, CAJC, Best Junior, BOB, JBIG III National show Klatovy CZ 13.06.2009 (A. Biervolf, A)
Exc.3, 24.10.2009 IHA Czech Budejovice CZ (V. Vojtek, SK)
Exc.1, CAC, r. CACIB 06.12.2009 IHA Nitra SK (I. Vojteková SK)
Exc.1,CAC, r.CACIB 24.01.2010 IHA Trenčín SK (M. Pavlásková SK)
Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - 06.02.2010 Duo CACIB Brno CZ (F. Bouček)


TOP BORZOI  2010  male -  second place CH. RANDALL SOFENA

24.9.2011 Randall  Club Winner !!!


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